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Introducing our Gazebo lineup

Wood or Vinyl? Deluxe or Value? Here's the overview of the Gazebos we craft…

Vinyl Kauffman Gazebo in white with copper roof
Your Yard. Your Choice

Wood or Vinyl?

Kauffman’s wood gazebos are built of #1 grade or better southern yellow pine. Although the wood is already pressure treated for longevity, we finish our wood gazebos with natural finish, white paint, or your choice of 70+ solid stain colors.

Our vinyl gazebos are built using vinyl-clad pressure-treated lumber, with composite decking for flooring and vinyl soffit ceilings (in deluxe models).

While wood offers natural beauty and class, and vinyl gazebo are essentially maintenance-free and incredibly durable.

Wood in Natural Finish

Natural Toner
Teahouse Kauffman Gazebo in Natural Wood with swing

Wood in Paint

Wood gazebo in white paint

Solid Stain

Wood Gazebo in Solid Stain
Your Yard. Your Choice

Deluxe or Value

When your budget is smaller but your dreams aren’t, turn to our Value Gazebo collection. Made from the same top-quality materials, these gazebos are every bit as durable and elegant as those with a few more options. So time spent here is just as special as in our higher priced models.

Note that deluxe models include top rails with spindles and the full cupola.

Vinyl Deluxe Gazebo with Green Roof

Deluxe Gazebo

Beauty without apology
Vinyl Value Gazebo

Value Gazebo

Simple style with premium products
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Ordering Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering Your Own Gazebo
Our 5-Year Warranty
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Buy with Confidence

Kauffmans Gazebos LLC offers a 5- year workmanship warranty on both gazebos and pavilions. Metal roofing comes with a 40-year manufacturers warranty and shingles come with a 25-year manufacturers warranty.