Wooden Gazebos

We strive to bring you a product that will be useful and attractive for years to come. All of our lumber is #1 grade or better southern yellow pine. Although the wood is already pressure-treated for longevity, we encourage you to add our Pine Sealer or F & H Paint to extend the life of your gazebo and enhance its appearance.

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8 x 8 Painted, With Onyx Black Shingles and Cupola

10 x 12 Painted, With Blue Metal on Double Roof and Benches

7 x 9 Teahouse, Swing and Bench Style

10 x 10 Sealed, With Green Metal Roof, Cupola, and Benches

8 x 8 Sealed, With Cedar Roof, Cupola, and Benches

12 x 12 Sealed, With Cedar Double Roof and Cupola

14 x 14 Sealed, With Copper Metal on Double Roof, Cupola,
and Benches

10 x 10 With Pewter Gray Metal Roof and Spindle

10 x 16 Sealed, With Red Metal on Double Roof

10 x 16 Painted, With Green Metal on Double Roof

10 x 14 Pavillion With Green Metal Roof and Benches

See our options page for wooden gazebo options.