Vinyl Gazebos

Our vinyl gazebos are built with a wood structure that is made of pressure-treated lumber and then covered with vinyl. Weather Best Composite decking is used on the flooring. The ceilings have a vinyl Soffitt covering. We work hard to give you a quality maintenance-free gazebo that will last for years to come.

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8 x 8 With Black Shingles and Colonial Rails

10 x 10 With Green Metal Roof, Benches, and Cupola

10 x 10 With Black Shingles and Cupola

10 x 14 With Green Metal Roof, Benches, and Swing

10 x 16 With Blue Metal on Double Roof, Table, Benches, and Swing

10 x 16 With Onyx Black Shingles

10 x 16 With Estate Grey Shingles on Double Roof and Benches

Vinyl Benches

Vinyl Soffit Ceiling

Vinyl Soffit Ceiling With Wiring

Vinyl Soffit Ceiling With Double Roof

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Brace

See our options page for more gazebo options.